Porcelain Portraits and Ceramic Art by Beatrice Root

Porcelain Portraits and Ceramic Art by Beatrice Root

Ocean tide pool mosaic made of marbles (which I love) rocks, glass, ceramic tiles, chains on a wooden stand. Not sure what is next to it in the bottom left corner but it is not part of the mosaic.
Juliette Eileen Ortega July 12, 2007 – July 19, 2010 Jennifer Howard Ortega’s daughter and Jacob Ortega’s sister. Died at her 3rd birthday party in the swimming pool. Painting of Juliette is on a porcelain tile. Because of the photography of the painting I had to make it a vignette nevertheless as good as I think the portrait was painted the real picture is really so much more. I don’t think it would be possible to paint such sweetness even though I tried a few times. Hard to capture.


Pretty girl with lilacs and lace on porcelain tile. I think they are lilacs, lol.
Pretty girl with lilacs and lace on porcelain tile. I think they are lilacs, lol. Worked on this after a class with the artist San Do who teaches and paints portraits. Found this picture to paint in my mom’s vast array of pictures she saved to paint one day. I think that was the plan.


Young woman profile on oval porcelain. Found picture somewhere and don’t remember the artist that first painted this and have no idea what type media but liked it and wanted to express it on porcelain. One of my first porcelain portraits. My mom had it framed for me. I photographed this painting and it was under glass and framed so could not get a clear photo but you get the drift. The picture also came from my mom’s stuff files of future projects.

I joined Quirky at the suggestion of Dave Sherman, Diane Dorothy Root Howard Sherman’s husband an idea for prevention of kids drowning in swimming pools and the idea was voted on and went through the first test and then was poo-pooed by the experts because they didn’t think it would sell at Bath, Body, and Beyond or at Target and other places as much as a garlic grater or a brisket baster, etc. I like food but we are supposed to eat to live not live to eat, not that a fine meal out isn’t fun and desirable but i can never find those tools when I’m cooking when I do invest in them.  I think the suggestion of Quirky was a bad one, but they have their reasons that aren’t very nice. She just rebuked me in an e-mail in the name of Jesus Christ as she did my ex when we were married while I was in the Intensive Care at Parkland Hospital because of family sexual style abuse by my older sister’s husband and his wife (Gary and Lori Kircher) and Virginia Cook Realtors (she was promoted after their premeditated severe tactics, and a multitude of lies, and now with Lori Kircher Homes). I was near death and there because I didn’t want her or them visiting me for their input into my health. She promised to take care of my kids while I was there but changed her mind because she had laundry to do. The other sister didn’t offer. I had a few good friends then that came through. They went out to party after visiting me at the hospital. LOL. Diane Sherman didn’t even tell David or Jennifer that I painted the picture she gave to them of Juliette trying to impress her ex while married to her new husband as if she had it painted by some anonymous artist. Talk about self-serving. David Howard saved Lori Kircher’s son (John Kircher) around the pool when he was 3 years old before that fateful day when Juliette died. David Howard owns a business employing temporary workers in the Houston area and now other places. Good business for a free market based economy. She still gets money out of him via divorce and lives quite well with her new hubby and hoping to scarf up my mother’s estate (what’s left of it) before my mom dies and hopefully not implementing that sooner. Wanted to hospice my mom without a physicians input (even though I told her about the traveling physicians business that is growing) because it was free on Medicare or Medicaid for a mere $35,000. as if she needs it when she has a pool and a big house on lake about 45 minutes from San Antonio via her divorce from David Howard. I don’t think Dave Sherman invested one thin dime into the place. I think Diane wanted to watch my mom die blissfully in her home. Promoting suicide/murder of the elderly at the hands of their kids which is also a business that is growing and needs to be obstructed and nipped in the bud. A Muther Teresa felonious farce and also a byproduct of the RCC using Medicare/Medicaid. Both sisters indoctrinated by the Billy Graham and Franklin Graham Crusade. Evil Angels is evangelism. Diane gets around and pretends as many Christians pretend and I think she is what is called a Pretentious Ness.

A Testiment of RC Christianity:

Juliette Bracelet

I even tried to reach Bill Gates at his philanthropy site and they aren’t even going to show him or his wife the letter sent because they don’t give a damn. It’s a front,I think!

I wanted to make money off it because I don’t have much money. I have beliefs that just aren’t their cup of tea.

I’m sure that’s the reason!

Please check out the idea because I think it would save lives and a lot of heart ache and please read the community feedback on the site for that invention that I wrote which might help to explain the conundrum and why this world is headed in the wrong direction and will suffer greatly because the rich are not believers in the true God and they don’t like us peons having good ideas even at the cost of children they act they as if they care about. I think the insurance business has a lot to do with it as well and those employed n the business of insurance (giving up their real talents to sell useless unguaranteed protection), as unions (mob), and definitely the RCC (mob). Bill Gates is a RC. They love to control who lives and who dies who gets to work and who doesn’t and who gets to rise in their ranks at their discretion because they think they are superior. They will reap their reward for their ignorance and determination to thwart saving lives. It will be astronomical and serve to destroy their own souls. That’s what WWll was about. If that’s not true then


Damned the torpedoes.

If anyone would like to help develop this idea and make it work for families in America please write me at romeo1miracle@hotmail.com

I would like to be involved in the idea from start to finish and then I might be able to work on the other inventions I have thought of and one that is at a patent company currently. The other ideas are on Quirky and would help the elderly, our parents, and us eventually and our kids and their kids down the road to a better humanitarian type society with vision.

You can read about my beliefs on Merangue’s Blog

(which leads to other blogs about the same) which is a compilation of many posts comparing the gospels and about JFK’s assassination and current events and how they are intertwined with the false church and false beliefs.



If you would lie to contact me for a painting or portrait please contact me via:



Portraits of movie stars, imaginary people, animals and people that I love ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////


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